Winter Warrior Challenge


The challenge will be over 3 months (June, July and August). The Challenge consists of various weekly training activities/challenges during each month, with a final Virtual Challenge Run over the last weekend of every month. There are 4 distances in the final weekend challenge: 5, 10, 21 & 42. Each distance must be completed in one run and only one workout will count.

June 26 & 27 | July 31 & 01 August | August 28 & 29


The goal of the challenge is to keep peeps moving during winter – whether it be cross-training, running, swimming, cycling or just walking.

Challenge Registration Details

Registration for the challenge is free and will be open to anyone. 

Challenge Outline

There will be a randomized draw at the end of each challenge month for various categories.

Categories are as follows:

June: Most Distance; July Most Active Days; August Most Variety in workouts

Minimum Requirements to be eligible for the draw: 3 workouts per week and must have completed the final virtual distance event.

The various challenges will be loaded to the Monthly Calendar which will be made available on Social Media.

Loading completed workouts

A weekly Google Form will be made available on Mondays for all participants to complete. Participants will be required to indicate what workouts were done on which days and to provide evidence in the form of a picture from either their Sports App or a picture of them doing a workout.

Participants are also required to post these workout pics on Panorama’s various Social Media platforms.

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