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Register to become a member

We encourage you to become involved in the Club organisation, particularly as a marshal at our event, and to assist at least one Thursday per year at the club time trial. As well as to get involved in other club duties ie: host a gazebo at a race, a water point at club organised weekend club runs. This is your club and we would greatly appreciate your help wherever possible it is needed.

Panorama Running Club membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.

New Member Applications: Please complete the online membership registration form – click here!

Existing Members: MUST renew their current membership online before 31st January of each year – click here! New and Existing members must complete the ASA license Registration form – see below.

Register for ASA Licensing – All Members

Clubs are requested to register on the CGA online Athlete Registration System. This system will make the licensing process as smooth as possible for both CGA administration and clubs. As from next year 2020, we will only be using license club list generated by the system to allocate 2020 Permanent licenses to clubs.

As part of the athlete insurance, it is very critical that Athletes are registered on the system and athlete registration forms are uploaded (this is important for insurance purposes).

Club Members: Please access the CGA Athlete Registration system site and register – click on the New Registration and Licence Renewal option and compelete all the required information. You will have the option to download and sign the completed form, or sign online.

Proof of Payment must accompany the ASA Registration Form and you have sent your membership application. Licence numbers will only be issued once we have received your proof of payment and your completed ASA form and Panorama Running Club online registration form.

Your membership fees include a licence fee to CGA/ASA. This means you receive a licence number and are no longer liable for temporary licence fees on race day. The licence issued in any year is valid until 31 December, to facilitate any slight delay in renewal over the December/January period.

Payment – New and Existing Members

New members:

Please use your first name and your surname as reference when making your EFT payment.

Existing members:

Please use your surname and CGA license number as reference when making your EFT payment.


Please note that Panorama Running Club does not accept CASH, all payment MUST be made via EFT only!

Please find our banking details below to make club membership and Club Kit payments.


Cresta Branch Account number:  1913298507

Branch code:  198765

Club Kit

Click here for Club kit, or you can find it under “About us” on our website.

Club Transfers

It is very important that the correct procedures are adhered to when an athlete transfers from one club to another.

The athlete must resign from his/her club in writing and get a Clearance letter, which he/she must present to his/her new club when he/she applies for membership. No club should accept an athlete from another club without a Clearance letter.

The club must advise CGA in writing of all new members joining the club.

The name of the athlete; his/her current licence number; name of previous club. e.g. Lic. 1223 John Jones transferred from ABC Club.

This information will be circulated to all clubs every month with the CGA minutes. Clubs must scrutinize this list and advise CGA Office if they have an objection to any name on this list of athletes who had joined other clubs.

Clubs must inform CGA of all athletes who had resigned from the Club and had received clearance to join another club. If it is known to which club they are transferring, this information must be submitted to CGA e.g. Lic. 4567 Ann Jones to join ABC Club.

This is to update the club details in the CGA office for licensing purposes.

Should a club fail to grant a clearance and do not notify CGA office of any reason why clearance was withheld, automatic clearance will be granted to the athlete after three months of date of resignation. An athlete can only compete for his new club and in the colours of his new club once he has received his Clearance Letter from his previous club.

An athlete can only score points for a club in a team competition once his clearance is in the CGA office. No athlete is allowed to belong to more than one club. No athlete can score in any league for more than one club in one season.